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Betfair Guide

BetfairBetfair has revolutionised the betting landscape in Australia and our Betfair Guide will explain why you hould have a betting account at the world's biggest betting exchange.

Unlike your traditional bookmaker where profit margins are factored in on any wager, Betfair worksmuch like like the stock exchange does with shares. Betfair allows punters to bet against each other's opinion anywhere in the world, at any time of the day or night.

How Betfair differs to the TAB though, is you can Back a selection to win, plus they also allow you to Lay your selections to lose, getting the best of both worlds. Clever punters bet at Betfair to make significant profits, because you can Trade to make a guaranteed profit no matter which of your bets win!

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Betfair Benefits and Offers

  • Claim a $500 Winners Bonus over your first 7 days on Betfair
  • Bet against fellow punters rather than bet into a total pool
  • Bet for or against an outcome, giving you more choices
  • Trade bets to make a profit no matter who wins
  • Better odds on average than the Australian TAB
  • Bet live in-play on more sporting events worldwide

How does Betfair work?

The Betfair concept is a simple one and here is an example.

Tom and Alex are best mates and like to have bets with each other either on sport and horse racing events on a regular basis.

Tom decides one Saturday that Geelong will beat Collingwood when they clash at the MCG that afternoon. Alex thinks Collingwood will win the game and offers Tom odds of $2.00 about Geelong winning the match. This means Alex will have to pay Tom $1.00 for every $1.00 that Tom decides to bet on Geelong.

Tom decides to have $20 on Geelong, which means Alex has to pay Tom $20 if Geelong happen to win the match on the day.

To save any arguments, a mutual friend named Jack is going to hold all the money until the game is over and then Jack will take a small commission for his trouble, before paying the winner.

Betfair, being much like Jack, is a betting exchange that holds bets for punters all over the world, but instead of betting with your best mate for cash, you are betting with other punters around the world online.

Back or Lay at Betfair

Betfair not only offer great odds for punters, another big advantage they have over the TAB is the ability to lay bets on any event. If you think the favourite cannot win the main race of the day, then Betfair gives you the choice to lay the favourite to lose.

Wagering at Betfair gives you complete control over your betting. Back a selection to win or lay a selection to lose, it's that simple. You can even trade bets to make a profit no matter what wins.

Trading at Betfair

Placing a bet at Betfair makes it possible to guarantee yourself a profit before an event has taken place, by trading.

With constantly changing prices, you can guarantee yourself a winning profit by backing a selection at a higher price than you lay it. This means you will make a profit no matter who wins the event. Another great reason to have a Betfair account.

Betfair or TAB?

Betfair opens up a wonderful world of betting opportunities because the odds available are generally much better on average than the Australian Tote and because there are no margins factored in, they are often much better than corporate bookmakers.

Compare Betfair SP odds to the Australian TAB on these major races.

2014 Autumn Feature Races Best TAB Betfair + / -
ATC Carbine Club Stakes Gypsy DIamond $2.70 $3.19 +0.49
PJ Bell Stakes Politeness  $11.00 $13.00 +2.00
Chairman's Handicap  The Offer  $2.50 $2.72 +0.22
Sires Produce Stakes Peggy Jean $3.80 $5.64 +1.86
ATC Australian Derby Criterion $2.90 $3.35 +0.45
The TJ Smith Lankan Rupee $3.70 $4.20 +0.50
Adrian Knox Stakes  Arabian Gold $6.00 $7.16 +1.16

Totals $32.60 $39.26 +$6.68
$100 per horse $3,260 $3,926 +$668

It's plain to see Betfair odds offer punters much better value when betting online, and that's why professional punters have a Betfair account, because the best odds are essential for long term profit.


Seeking out the best price for your bet is essential for any punter, whether a novice or serious punter, and accepting poor value for your wager is not a good punting practice for long term profit. If value is important to you, and it should be for all punters, then you simply must have a Betfair account.

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For more information on what Betfair has to offer then please visit our Betfair review page.

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